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Things we love about UAE

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  • All female beaches
  • Family friendly
  • Home comforts readily available
  • Hearing the adhaan
  • Halal food!
  • Sun, sun and sun!
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Photographically Challenged

I studied photography at sixth form college as one of my subjects. I really, really enjoyed it, and even whilst at university I would check for photography classes where I could get my juices flowing.

I cannot draw. I cannot paint. I cannot sculpt. Photography allowed me a way to explore my creativity and imagination in a visual sense without needing the beautiful skill of being able to shape something with my hands.

I have a deep, deep appreciation for art. I love nothing more than walking through a gallery or exhibit and just appreciating the feast that artists offer my eyes.

Camel Man is not as appreciative unfortunately, and so trips to museums, galleries and exhibits can be like pulling teeth. When we went to the Louvre - he rushed me through all the beautiful corridors to go and visit the Mona Lisa... which was overrated(le gasp!), and then for the rest of the afternoon he would get bored if I spent longer than 3 minutes looking at a painting. Some of those paintings were metres and metres high by metres and metres wide... it would and does take longer than five minutes to breathe in and appreciate all the details. Camel Man thought I was crazy! Haha!

So any ways, I have decides to embark upon a photographic challenge. A challenge to take a photograph every single day - for a month. To be honest, I wanted to do this for a year - but I'm terrified that I would be unable to keep up with this, or put too much pressure on myself that it ends up becoming a chore. So yes, a month it is - a month at a time hopefully.

Joining me in my photographic adventures is the very brilliant Emma - from STARdrought Photography. You can find her at

If you'd like to follow my month long photography challenge - you'll find me at

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