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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Working, working and working!

Evening everybody!

We have been at the mercy of a sandstorm raging through Abu Dhabi the last few days. Yesterday was okayish, in that the sky had this yellow hue. Today though, it seems, there may have been a bit of fog in the air (YES I KNOW!) and so it has been dreadful!

I've now been working for 7 weeks. I've learnt so much about myself and the UAE and the variety of Arabs that live in the UAE.

It has been an eye-opening experience.

There has been quite a few complaints recently in the place that we live about spouses being unable to find/get jobs. I didn't know the first thing about getting a job and was just lucky that somebody pushed my name forward to the headteacher at the nursery I work at.

One thing that did occur to me - and that I think is important for people to know when moving out here is that finding a job doesn't seem to be that difficult - BUT - especially when employing westerners it is important to realise that they want people who have academic qualifications. This seems to be the recurring theme I've noticed when speaking to those who are looking desperately for a job. Without qualifications - a westerner is at the same level as the labourers here (only difference is, they'd be fluent in English). The problem is.... they cannot possibly pay a westerner the same money as a labourer - it would be unheard of, and this is where the problem comes. We (as Westerners) are not going to be ready and willing to work long long hours for a quarter of the money that we would deserve in the UK/USA/Canada... and so a lot of spouses end up without work.

I think - truly, it would be worth (if you're planning on moving to the UAE and you are a spouse) on getting some sort of formal qualification. Job hunting and potential employment is a lot easier if you're qualified. I know in the short term it would be expensive to just... go and get a qualification - but it'd be worth it in the long term.

For those in the UK - certain universities (even US universities do too) offer Long-Distance Learning - and so it could even be an option to move out here and go ahead with studying a chosen subject to get a degree. If you have a degree and would like to get in to teaching, it'd be worth getting a TEFL or CELTA. These are qualifications that are recognised in this country and can open many gateways.

I'm not saying that it will be impossible for a person without qualifications to get a job... that's not the case, but, in the best interest of you or family members it would be worth looking in to making some moves in that direction.

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