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Things we love about UAE

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pearl and Caviar - A Review

It's most certainly all about Brunch here in Abu Dhabi. I find it is more popular here than in Dubai. 

We've been to quite a few, but I thought that I'd write about our most recent experience at the fabulous Pearl and Caviar, at the Shangri La Hotel, Abu Dhabi. 

This is a very small, very intimate little restaurant - it's chique and almost has a night-club like feel to it - apart from all the lovely natural light that envelopes you. By night-club, by the way, I really do mean that there is a live DJ, with his turntables, playing music and taking requests while you get your grub.

The food is delicious and to a great standard. The sea food, deserts, salad and roast station are to die for. You also have a nice selection of caviar, sushi and an awesome bread and cheese station. The drinks are great too - well, we don't drink alcohol but we do drink mocktails... so, we opted for those instead and they really were awesome. The best part about the day is that the waiters, quite literally, bring a barbecue to your table with seafood cooking over charcoal. You just pluck the calamari, king prawns, scallops, lobster etc etc, right off of it and on to your plate. It was scrumptious - they were just PERFECTLY cooked.  

I had initially been quite impressed with the staff and their attention to detail, but as the afternoon wore on and it got a little busier, I started to have to remind them top me up - they just kept kinda forgetting me. 

They have this beautiful little patio outside where you can go sit in the sun, have a drink, watch the jet skiiers go buy, oh, and just admire the gorgeous Shaykh Zayed Grand Mosque. The view  really is spectacular from there. 

And for those of you without children... well, you'll love Pearl and Caviar; no kids allowed (at brunch, anyway). 

My only bug-bear, if I'm going to be honest, is that for the amount we paid per head I was expecting a much more lavish variety of foods available. Sofra bld, which is just a few doors down is a little cheaper, but the food is as good, plus you have a much larger variety of foods from all over the world... plus beach and pool access. 

Pearl and Caviar is worth experiencing, and worth going to if you like a more intimate setting, good food... and no children!

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