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Things we love about UAE

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chamas, Grand Designs and Abayah Sweats!

Haha! We finally did it! We got in to Chamas. Y'know, that cute Brazilian restaurant we so shamefully left last time because Camel Man wasn't wearing black trousers... Yeah. That place! I plan on doing an in depth review of the restaurant in another post, and so I'll just give you a titchy snippet!

Well, yesterday was my b-bi-birth... yeah, that day. I'm now officially a year older. As upsetting as it is, it at least ensures that I am still alive, and so that is one good thing about birthdays I guess! Camel Man took baby-Zanga and I to Chamas. It was awesome! As I ate each piece of delicious, well barbecued meat, all I was thinking was how I wish my family were here to join in with all the deliciousness! But lo! It was not meant to be.

So, yes, the day of my birth was spent waiting on Ikea to bring the rest of the things we ordered. They were right on time. They built the wardrobes, and put together the TV unit. And they look brilliant. I even took the time to stick the vases I bought from Home Centre on to the book shelf to make it look a little more homely, and a little less hospitaly. I love them.

The wardrobes are pretty decent too. Because we decided not to have our room in the master-bedroom, it meant that we did not have as much space in the smaller room. So we decided for sliding doors for the wardrobe rather than hinged doors. It means that a lot less space is needed!

Last night we also decided to go buy a telly. After a week of walking around wistfully looking at these mahoosive TV's, we decided to go for a 40" LED Samsung telly, plus a Samsung Home Entertainment System. So, slowly but surely, this house is becoming a home! haha! (I've already set up the Wii and waiting for my sister to visit so we can FINALLY finish off Super Mario Bros)

Today, well, the sofas arrived... and I think, maybe... we didn't take our measurements down too well. Sucks for us BUT it doesn't look awful. Just slightly cosier than we had initially planned!

We also welcomed our new dinner table and chairs to our humble home. Oh goodness. I never believed I would love a piece of furniture like I love this dining table. It's a square, 8 seater, with white upholstery... probably not the best choice with baby-Zanga about, but live and let live right?

We took a trip to Abu Dhabi mall a little later that evening as I had read on Under Your Abayah that Arabesque had their new collection out. Well, I made it to Abu Dhabi Mall and was distracted by a shop called Abu Haleeqa Stores, it sold a variety of things, but the abayah section was up to date, brilliant and held such a variety of abayahs I was thrilled. So thrilled that I committed to an abayah without having checked how much that was in pounds... lets just say, I was so shocked I suddenly felt all hot, and started getting what I call... 'abayah sweats'. You know, that moment when you realise you've spent FAR TOO MUCH on a piece of clothing, food, car, technology? Yes, one of those feverish moments when you think 'holy moley, what was I thinking!?' So as I walked around for half-an-hour as the tailor adjusted the length of the abayah I kept swinging between excitement and nervousness! Of course the customer service was brilliant, which made the idea of going back and saying 'no, no, please, please don't cut that fabric' (all slow-motion of course)impossible.

But at the end of it I walked out with a gorgeous abayah and matching shayla! The funny thing was... that in all my excitement I completely forgot to check out Arabesque. So hopefully, God willing, I'll be taking another trip this week especially to check out their abayahs!

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