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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bubbles, ungratefulness and rain (again)

Throughout the last 9 months I have consistently likened living in Abu Dhabi as living in a 'bubble'. This is true of course. The leering threat of a monetary meltdown, terrorism and full scale global rebellion barely even touched our Emirati bubble. Occasionally we would read the odd report of a maid falling out of the window, or murder, or massive car accident... but really, we lived in blissful unawareness.

I've now been back in the UK for almost two weeks. And I've found myself suddenly beginning to feel a little paranoid. I'm starting to leave my house feeling a tiny bit fearful... as if a 'yob' is about to jump out from around the corner, or that every major event I attend will be framed by a circumference of crazy terrorists trying to stop me having fun. It is wacky, and although I frequently digested the British news out in Abu Dhabi, the stories never quite touched me... they seemed so far away. It seems I have forgotten what it feels like to live in a constant subconscious state of fear. Just flicking through The Guardian today painted a very very grim picture of the future of Britain.... even with the impending joy of hosting the Olympics we are still being bombarded with the housing crisis, banks folding, conspiracies, child molesters, the threat of terrorism, 50 Shades of Grey (uh yes... bombarding indeed!), the Euro going under and of course the rising cost of petrol.

Ignorance is most certainly bliss.

It has rained the past fortnight. Quite literally. Occasionally we see a little sun - which is then followed by rain. I'm trying so desperately not to moan and gripe and be ungrateful, especially as I've lived in sunshine for 9 months (and will hopefully be returning to it in a few months time) but ... I mean.... really? 2 weeks of rain! Oh... and here is the punchline. They're predicting another 30 days of rain! Some families up north have really lost everything quite simply because flash floods are surprising regions. A day of rain passed last week, and it was estimated that we had the equivalent of one months rain in that single day.

I think we need to call the 51 weeks of rain we have year round 'monsoon season' - it'd then not surprise the tourists that come over to view our very great Britain!

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