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Things we love about UAE

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  • Sun, sun and sun!
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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The UK, Olympics, Rain and Rain....

We have now returned to the UK.

I most certainly love our life in Abu Dhabi - but one thing I missed most about the UK (other than missing family) was the idea of FRESH AIR! It's not that Abu Dhabi is lacking in oxygen; it's just that the air is not cool and therefore does not give your lungs that feeling of having inhaled 'fresh air'. In fact, the only time you may have that feeling in Abu Dhabi is when you go in to a room that has had the air-conditioning on for too long and at a ridiculously low temperature.

The flight back was okay. We took the crazy British Airways flight at 2.20am.... with a little baby, this proved quite exhausting. Whilst she knocked out in a blissful 50,000 feet sleep, I tossed and turned, dehydrated, exhausted, and far too sleepy to concentrate on 'How I met your Mother', 'The Big Bang Theory', or '21 Jump Street'. We flew on Qatar Airways before, and I have to give credit to Qatar Airways in that you have a choice in what you want to watch... with British Airways you have channels and you have to watch whatever is on at the time.... very annoying.

We're going through a very pathetic attempt at 'Olympic Fever' over here in the UK. It's very sad. Everyday we have an update as to where the Olympic torch has ended up... which little village, or town it is being run through and sadly... it keeps going out. Yes. The rain and wind here is that bad that it keeps going out... it doesn't bode well.

I had honestly thought.... honestly, honestly, honestly thought that having been in 45+C heat out in the desert that I would have missed the rain. Yesterday, I took the little one out with me to do some shopping and have some lunch... and it rained. Yes, it was grey skies, and rainy and horrible, and honestly, as I walked back in to the house at the end of the day, soaked through, lil baby soaked through, push chair and bag soaked through I could honestly, and truthfully say that I have not missed the rain one little bit. Not one bit! Roll on sunshine!

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