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Things we love about UAE

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  • Family friendly
  • Home comforts readily available
  • Hearing the adhaan
  • Halal food!
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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas, Nadal and New Years

Happy belated holidays everybody!

I hope you're all well and sticking to your new year resolutions...

The last few weeks have been quite eventful indeed.

We don't celebrate Christmas in our home and so we did not have the worries and potential excitement of having to put up decorations, buy Christmas dinner ingredients or gather a sack of presents for Baby-Zanga... thank goodness. What we did do though is book ourselves in for a 'Christmas' brunch at the Holiday Inn just around the corner.

Well, let me tell you - it was pretty awesome. They had their usual array of foods, but also had some turkey with cranberry gravy and horse chestnuts (which were gross). They also had a pretty awesome ginger bread house... which was... well... awesome!!

There happened to be a hillarious Santa Clause wandering around who... having not found many children at all was lavishing strange gifts upon Baby-Zanga. Gifts such as a box of shuttlecocks, a gift with a police torch and whistle - and another one (which was
pretty awesome actually) which was a black board with chalk and a board eraser. Strange but true.

A few days after Christmas we went to Mubadala World Tennis Championship. We only went to day 2. Camel Man watched two games, and I watched one. One that I thought was going to be amazing but it turned out to be more like a wash-out. Rafael Nadal Vs David Ferrer - whilst I took my seat I promised myself an amazingly on form Nadal who was going to end up RUINING Ferrer... I was wrong. Anywho - at least I got to see him. PLUS I even took a photograph that epitomised Nadal...

We decided to spend New Years with some friends in Dubai.
Every year a brilliant display is held at the Burj Khalifah which consists of loads and loads of fireworks being shot off of the building - oh, and around the building too - and even a special fountain show!

It was HEAVING in The Dubai Mall! We were quite shocked really when we shouldn't have been. All the cafes had been booked out that had any decent view of the Burj Khalifah and so we spent quite a lot of time just scrambling about trying to find a good place.

We found one in the end, and the organisers of the fireworks gave us an EXCELLENT spectacle of 10 minutes worth of popping, banging and wonderful colours. It concluded with a national anthem soundtracked fountain show.

It. was. AWESOME.
You can watch a rather silent version here

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