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Monday, 16 January 2012

Volvo Ocean Race 2012

The past two weeks has seen Abu Dhabi hosting the Volvo Ocean Race.

Abu Dhabi truly did themselves proud and most certainly hosted a stop over that will be remembered both by the teams and crews but also all those who visited!

It was a small but beautiful and very clean area if I'm honest. Big screens, a tiny little harbour for the racing boats (which was cute and you could walk down and see the crew cleaning and getting things ready).

Abu Dhabi actually closed down the Heritage Village road for the whole two weeks!!! The organisers were in tune w
ith the needs of both the visiting crews, dignitaries and
just regular old people like me!
There were falcons (my favourite -_-), one of those 3D ride things that you usually find in fair grounds (it's like being in a spaceship, and you're watching a big screen and the whole ship-thing is moving about making you feel sick!), there was even a whole area just for children called the Junior area!

Well done Abu Dhabi - you executed the whole event beautifully.

On the Friday, after a friendly race by the teams, dignitaries parked up at the harbour and made their jolly way to one of the suave café's that had been built for the event.

Lo and behold - who walks out? Tony Blair... yes... the Tony Blair. He'd been out floating around after some boats (when in my honest opinion he should be on trial for crimes against humanity... but that's a whoooole different
post entirely). Also, Prince Andrew walked out and loads of different Shaykhs and their pals.

After the dignitaries had eaten their food, and the boaters had been welcomed back in to the bay, a nifty little awards ce
remony was held which finished with a brilliant aeroplane display. It was pretty awesome.

So this is a short but sweet post - I just wanted to once again congratulate Abu Dhabi on ANOTHER job well done.

There are some photographs of some of the dancers over at (Enjoy!)

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